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How to Add Clouds and Water to a Beach Nail Art

Adding a beach scene to a nail art is a festive way to celebrate the summer season or an upcoming tropical vacation. To complete your beach scene look, you have to add with a few clouds for a more dimension look. Likewise, a beach scene in nail art is not complete without water. Know how to mix your nail polish colors and where to place the water at your nail art beach scene to give depth to it.

Here is how to add clouds and water to a beach nail art.

Tip #1: Mix some solutions.

Add Clouds and Water to a Beach Nail Art Mix a small amount of water together with a small amount of white nail polish. Dip the nail art brush into the water to thin out the polish so that the clouds will not look too thick when you paint them. Make sure you don’t add too much water. If there’s more water, the polish becomes too thin making the clouds appear too translucent.

Tip #2: Make some good strokes.

Brush on your clouds over the beach background by using short and quick strokes. This is the way to create one or two clouds above the cuticles. To give a more realistic appearance, make the edge of the clouds a little bit uneven. If you are not satisfied with the clouds you make, wipe it over while the polish is still wet and repeat the procedure.

Tip #3: Hide some flaws.

You can use the clouds to hide flaws on your beach nail art. Look for uneven colors in your beach background and brush over the clouds in there, using the white nail polish. Allow the clouds to dry completely before adding more layers on to your beach scene so as not to smear the clouds.

Tip #4: Prepare your materials for the water in the beach nail art.

What you need is a Teal green metallic fingernail polish, white fingernail polish and a nail art brush and palette.

Tip #5: Mix some colors to create the water effect.

Mix just a small amount of dark blue opaque nail polish with a small amount of metallic teal-green polish and add a small amount of white nail polish for an added dimension. Mix these 3 colors together in a palette to create and ideal ocean color for your beach nail art.

Tip #6: Put the water on the beach nail art.

Dip your nail art brush into the mixed nail polish and apply it to your fingernails. Brush water on the tips of your fingernails over the background color. Start from the left and move it to the right as you paint a thick layer of water.

Tip #7: Make thrilling effects.

You must roll your nails from side to side as you paint to ensure that the water layer covers the entire width of your nails. Brush it about ¼ inches down to the nail tip and if you want the water deep enough, paint an island onto the beach scene once the water dries. Brush on the colors in layers to give the water some depth. Allow your nails to dry completely after applying a water layer onto each finger nails before you add more layers. After completing the nail art beach scene, apply a top coat to seal and to make it last longer.

The beach nail art itself is already fascinating. You may create more colors by adding clouds and water to this nail art.

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