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How to Add a Beach Scene in Nail Art- 6 Steps that Will Make Manicuring More Interesting

For a nail art technician, the creativity of making different designs on nails can expand their client base. Nail art became a trend and when summer comes, a beach scene is definitely attractive. Most clients seek for this design during the warm season. Although it takes practice and patience add a beach scene in nail art, the outcome will surely amaze everyone. All you need is to use the following items: white fingernail polish; beige fingernail polish; and nail art brush. From here you can create a beach nail art.

Add a Beach Scene in Nail Art

Add a Beach Scene in Nail Art

Step # 1: Prepare your nails first.

Before making any design on your nails, you must trim, clean and file them first. Clean and well-shaped nails contribute to a good nail art outcome. A beach scene is applicable on long nails. If you have short nails and want a beach scene on them then you can consider using artificial acrylic nails.

Step # 2: Apply white and beige nail polish.

Start a beach scene design in nail art by applying white polish on your nail to create a water view. Use a light hand to apply the beige nail color to create a sandy color so that it blends with the water and will prevent a muddy-looking design.

Step # 3: Prepare the nail brush.

Clean the nail brush thoroughly in between application to avoid discoloration and that the color you select is clean.

Step # 4: Use a dry nail brush.

Use a dry nail brush to continue making the beach scene. Use all the five nails together to create the entire beach scene. You should work on a specific scene at an angle, using one nail at a time so that your beach scene wraps around and looks more realistic. Adding a beach scene in nail art is like you are telling a story.

Step # 5: Use the white and beige nail paint again.

You can add a white or beige nail paint if necessary. You can apply more layers just to emphasize the water and the waves. Paint the five nails altogether to form a beach scene in nail art. This procedure moves along faster than painting each nail one by one.

Step # 6: Create great images.

You may add small images that are present in the beach such as shells, umbrellas and beach towels to make a better view of beach scene. You can try this simple yet great design option. Make a beach scene by painting the sky and clouds on the cuticle area. You can make use of light blue to represent the sky and make it look like a clear and bright day. Use a yellow nail color polish to add a sun and make your scene appear as a sunny day on the beach.

If you are a beginner in making a beach nail art, always keep an acetone and cotton swabs near you to correct any mistakes done. Nail art can be fun and you can match it with your accessories, clothes or scenery. Take advantage of the opportunity to create one for you.

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