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How to Apply Rhinestones to Nail Polish – 5 Steps to Make Nails Look Dazzling

The trend among youths nowadays is wearing anything that shines brightly. This includes jeans, shirts, bags, belts, wristwatch, pendants, and earrings to name a few. It seems that almost everything has rhinestones in it. Since rhinestones is available in enumerable colors and adhesives are also improved that it allows rhinestones to be attached to any surface makes this fashion expand. Fingernails and toenails now can also be decorated with rhinestones. Before nails are simply polished with plain nail polish in different colors, now you can add some nail arts and one of the easiest ways to do is putting rhinestones to nails. Follow the tips below on how to apply rhinestones to nail polish.

Apply Rhinestones to Nail Polish

Apply Rhinestones to Nail Polish

Step # 1: Prepare the nails.

This includes preparing the things that you may need like color nail polish of your choice, clear nail polish, orange stick, small rhinestones and duct tape. Now you can start cleaning your nails by removing old nail polish and pushing back the cuticles. After which you can trim your nails to your desired length and file the edges. It is important to buff the nails also to make them smoother.

Step # 2: Apply a base coat.

This should be done on all the nails ready for the rhinestones. It’s better to apply 2 coats to protect the nails from the yellowing effect of nail varnish. Allow the base coat to dry.

Step # 3: Prepare the design.

Decide the design you want for your nails and prepare all the materials including the rhinestones. They must be arranged accordingly. For example you want a flower design, it’s best to arrange the pattern out on a table before applying them onto your nails.

Step # 4: Make the design on your nails.

The process requires that you put rhinestones on the main design but you also have to choose the nail polish color making sure that all nails have been designed accordingly. Use an orange wood stick to pick up the rhinestones. You can either wet the tip of the orange stick or press the orange stick against the sticky side of a tape (preferably duct tape). Once you pull the stick away from the tape, it will be sticky enough for picking up the rhinestone. Now you can position the rhinestone over the area where you want to place it and press it gently down to the nail with the orange stick. This is to assure that the rhinestone will stick to the nail. Repeat the process with the other rhinestones as desired while the nail polish is still wet.

Step # 5: Apply a top coat.

After you are done with all the nails, let them dry. After which you should apply a clear nail polish topcoat on your nails to seal the nail color as well as the rhinestones. For complete protection of the nail art you can apply another layer of topcoat.

Now you are now ready to join the fashion trend of making the nails look sparkly and dazzling. Just use rhinestones over your nail polish and voila! You will be able to apply nail polish and make your nails look more brilliant than usual.


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