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6 Steps to Learn How to Apply Clear Coat before a Color Nail Polish

It is very important to apply a clear coat on your nails first before applying color nail polish. One benefit of this is that it will protect the nail from discoloration which usually occurs with dark colored polishes. It will also help smooth the application of nail polish and provide a long-lasting manicure as well. Here are some tips to follow on how to apply clear coat ahead of a color nail polish.

Apply Clear Coat before a Color Nail Polish

Apply Clear Coat before a Color Nail Polish

Step #1: Prepare what you need

There are a couple of things to prepare for when it comes to applying the clear coat. If you think it is just the clear coat you need then think again. You will need the following things also: nail polish remover; cotton balls; and cuticle pusher.

Step #2: Prepare your nails

If you think preparation is completed with step 1, then you have to read this part first. You also need to prepare your nails before the process. First, you must dab a cotton ball with nail polish remover to remove left oily residue from the fingernails. Let the nails be clean and neat before beginning the procedure.

Step #3: Clean your nails

Clean your nails to give them a professional look. Use cuticle pusher to push your cuticles gently. When you have done this step, you will be more than ready to apply a professional looking coat before you apply the nail polish.

Step #4: Apply a layer of clear coat

As soon as your nails are cleaned, you can now apply a layer of clear coat onto your nails. Let the clear coat dry. This may take a few minutes only. Applying clear coat can help your nail polish adhere well to your nails.

Step #5: Apply the clear nail polish

It’s time to apply one layer of the colored nail polish of your choice on each nail. Allow the first layer of colored nail polish to dry completely before applying the second coat. The second coat should dry well too.

Step 6: Apply another layer of clear coat on top of the color polish

Most of us think that a clear coat is applied only after the nail polish has been applied. The truth is you also need it before the nail polish application. From the nail polish, you can now apply another coat of clear polish. After the application of two coats of color polish, apply a clear coat on top of it. The clear coat is used for protection of the nail polish from chipping and also gives a glossy finish to the manicure.

There are indeed some steps to consider when using a clear coat before you apply nail polish on your toe and finger nails. The steps include preparing what you need and your nails of course. Then you have to clean it to get a better look. Apply the first layer of clear coat then have nail polish on. Afterwards, you should also apply another layer of clear coat.

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