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How to Use the Powder Glaze Acrylic Dip System in Just 7 Steps

A line of products used to apply acrylic nails are produced by Backscratcher’s Salon Systems. This is known as the Extreme Powder Glaze Acrylic Dip System. The system makes use of a resin-based Base Glaze in applying acrylic nail tips and then applies a powdered acrylic dip. This is a quick alternative to traditional acrylic tip applications and it’s healthier for the nail than other methods. Another thing is that it produces a long lasting manicure with a thin and natural looking tip. The nails are top and won’t chip easily. This is recommended for use in all nail salons. Here are some tips on how to use this Powder Glaze Acrylic Dip System.

Powder Glaze Acrylic Dip System

Powder Glaze Acrylic Dip System

Step 1: Be prepared with your materials for this acrylic dip system.

Prepare the following things that you will need like Base Glaze, Acrylic tips, Glaze Dryer, file, Finish Glaze, Extreme Powder and Extreme Sealer. From here you can clean your nails then shape them with a file. Gently file the top surfaces of every nail to roughen them up.

Step 2: Apply the brush-on base glaze.

As soon as the nails are ready, you can now apply a thin coat of the brush-on Base Glaze product to the whole nail. Make sure you try to keep away from the cuticle. Add to that, spray the Glaze Dryer on each nail.

Step 3: Pay attention to the acrylic tip.

Put Base Glaze onto the area where the acrylic tip will be attached. Make sure that the acrylic tip is aligned and as you press each tip onto the nail, hold it in place for around 5-10 seconds.

Step 4: Seal the seam.

Make use of Base Glaze to seal and smooth the seam between the bottom of the tip and the fingernail. Then spray Glaze Dryer over each nail.

Step 5: Cut the nail tips.

You can cut nail tips to your desired length and shape them according to your like, whether a more rounded or more square. This will give your nails a better look since the shape you choose will actually make the difference.

Step 6: Use the finish glaze.

Now, paint the fingernail with Finish Glaze. You should hold the nail parallel to the table and gently lay it into the Extreme powder. To knock off any excess powder, lift the nail and tap against the side of the container.

Step 7: Use the extreme sealer.

Follow with Finish Glaze and with a spray of Glaze Dryer then brush a coat of the Extreme Sealer onto the whole nail. Let it dry for a few minutes before applying a second coat if it is required. You can also apply nail radiance onto the nails for a finished look.

The wonders of the Powder Glaze Acrylic Dip System will definitely benefit you very well as long as you follow the procedures on how to apply one. The task will seem complicated at first but as soon as you get the hang of it, you will be experts in the process.

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