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How to Apply Acrylic Nails with Drill Equipment – 5 Steps to Have Elongated Nails Using a Drill

Long and beautiful nails are everyone’s wish but not all are endowed with it. For those who are not lucky to have it, they can enjoy the benefits using acrylic nails. This is a good option to extend the length of their nails easily and quickly. You can go to nail salons for acrylic application but you can also do it yourself in your home. With all the necessary supplies and a little practice you can professionally apply acrylic nails in the comfort of your home and at the same time save money. You can also apply acrylic nails with drill equipment and here’s how.

Apply Acrylic Nails with Drill Equipment

Apply Acrylic Nails with Drill Equipment

Step # 1: Trim your natural nails.

Cut natural nails to the base of your fingertips after which you should open your nail tip box which contains different sizes of nail tips. Pick your choice of nail tips and start placing it on your finger tips with special glue. First apply glue on nail’s tip and press it down firmly. Wait for the glue to dry before proceeding.

Step # 2: Trim the nail tips.

Make use of a nail clipper to trim the nail tip to your desired length then you have to file down uneven edges to shape your nails. Also file down the top of your nails focusing on where the nail bed and the acrylic nail tip meets. Be sure to make a smooth line in between to make them look natural.

Step # 3: Apply primer to nail beds.

Use a brush to gather acrylic nail liquid and dip it next into the acrylic powder. Be sure to grab only a small amount. Lay a bead at the middle of your nail by striking lightly with the brush then slide the brush to the tip of your nail. Swipe the brush to a paper towel and repeat the procedure then apply a coat on the sides of the nail using the same technique. Do this until the nail is fully covered with acrylic. Repeat the same process with other nails.

Step # 4: File nails with drill equipment.

Attach a bit on to the nail drill and file your nails by slowly moving the drill bit side to side to remove layers of the thick acrylic surface that has been placed on the nails to make the acrylics look not too bulky. Buff each nail until every nails are thin and natural looking. Include the sides, undersides and tips of each nail to file any extra acrylic that maybe present.

Step # 5: Application of clear nail polish.

You can now apply a coat of clear nail polish to the finished acrylic product. After the nail polish has dried you can wash your hands to remove any left acrylic powder.

Using drill equipment to apply acrylic nails is quite interesting. You simply have to adhere to the steps mentioned above then consider a couple of reminders as well. Be sure to work in a well-lighted area and use clean tools. You need to be careful in using a nail. Otherwise, it can destroy your natural nails.


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