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How to Apply Acrylic Liquid and Powder on Nails – 3 Steps on How to Make this a Great Job

The acrylic nail powder and the acrylic liquid when combined together harden to form an acrylic resin. This resin can be shaped to resemble a fingernail which is strong and flexible. Some dyes and pigments can be added to modify the resin’s appearance. An example is the benzoyl peroxide that can be added to the nail powder to create a white appearance. Color stabilizers should also be added to prevent discoloration of the resin due to UV rays exposure.

Apply Acrylic Liquid and Powder on Nails

Apply Acrylic Liquid and Powder on Nails

Since applying acrylic liquid and powder is very hard to do, most women had to pay for professional service. But it is possible to do it yourself though it takes time to learn. After investing in your tools and supplies, you can now begin to learn the steps and find out that it is well worth the effort. You’ll have those beautiful acrylic nails.

Step #1: First you have to buy some things to apply acrylic liquid and powder.

You will need: (1) fingernail clipper; (2) fingernail scrub brush; (3) cuticle pusher; (4) nail polish remover; (5) cotton balls; (6) towel; (7) soap; (8) acrylic fingernail tips; (9) acrylic filing block; (10) acrylic nail tip glue; (11) acrylic nail trimmer; (12) acrylic applicator brush; and 2 small bowls.

Step # 2: Prepare your fingernails.

Use the nail polish remover and a cotton ball to remove previous nail polish on your fingernails. Wash your hands with soap and use nail scrub brush to clean your nails. You have to rinse well then dry. Clear your nail surface by pushing back your cuticles gently. Trim your nails so that they extend just over your fingertips. File the edges to become smooth. Use the filing block to wipe the surface of the nails to slightly roughen it. This is to make the acrylic products adhere better onto the nails. Wipe the nail dust with towel.

Step 3: Apply the acrylic product on your nails.

Place a drop of nail glue on your fingernail tip. Put the nail tip on the glue dot and hold it for 5 seconds. Do the same step on your other fingernails. Trim the acrylic tips according to the length of your choice then file the ends to make them smooth. Apply a thin coat of primer on the part that is not covered by a nail tip. Let it dry until it has a white, chalky appearance.

In separate bowls, put a small amount of acrylic powder and acrylic liquid. Dip the applicator brush into the liquid, then into the powder and you can see that a small ball is formed. Place the ball on your fingernail where the seam of your natural nail and the nail tip meets. Be sure not to put acrylic mixture on the cuticles. Repeat the procedure on the other fingernails. Use your choice of nail polish to polish your acrylic nails.

Constant practice makes you perfect. Just be patient and you will know that doing this job is very easy. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for better results while you apply acrylic nails.

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