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How to Use an At Home Acrylic Nails Kit – 5 Steps to Using the Special Kit at Home

Having your own acrylic nails kit is much better than having your nails professionally done. This costs you less than going to the salon every time you need nail manicure. You can purchase your do-it-yourself kits in most drugstores at a very considerable price. Anyone who can paint their nails on both hands can have this at home acrylic nail kit.

The things you will need to do an at home nail acrylic are the following: (1) nail polish; (2) nail file; (3) cushion nail filer; (4) nail polish remover, non-acetone based; (5) cotton balls; (6) acetone (optional); (7) hand towel; (8) acrylic solution; (9) nail glue or acrylic powder; (10) nail sculpting brush; and (11) bowl.

Use an At Home Acrylic Nails Kit

Use an At Home Acrylic Nails Kit

Step # 1: Purchase your at home acrylic nails kit.

Purchase an acrylic nail kit which includes acrylic solution, acrylic powder, nail tips and sculpting brush. Set out all of its contents and proceed to the next procedure.

Step # 2: Make nail matches.

Line the nails from your kit and match them with your natural nails. Arrange each nail which will be going with each finger for easier access.

Step # 3: Clean your nails.

If you have existing nail polish, remove it using cotton balls with nail polish remover. In case that you are wearing nail tips, soak your nails in acetone or any solution that can remove acrylic nails for around 30 minutes. Do not rip them off because it will damage your natural nail. Scuff your nail surface and brush off any dust before washing your hands. Let them dry first before the next step.

Step # 4: Start the job.

Pour about 1 tbsp of acrylic solution in a bowl. Now, dip the brush into the solution and then dip quickly into the acrylic powder. The brush should be in a right angle with the powder forming a small ball on the brush. Then put the acrylic ball on the center of the nail. Spread it in a way that it covers the entire nail. Dip the selected nail tip into the bowl of acrylic solution and place it on the tip of your nail. Hold it for around 15 minutes until it adheres to the natural nail.

Step 5: Finalize the process.

Repeat the abovementioned steps until you are done with all the tips of your fingers. Let your acrylic nails dry. Follow the specific time that is recommended on the label of the nail kit box. Use the cushion nail file to remove any excess of the acrylic solution and powder in your nails. If you want to change the shape or remove any snag from the tip, use the nail file to do it. You can now wash your hands to remove any powder on it, and then dry completely. Paint your acrylic nails with the color of your choice. Put 2 coatings to get the true color of the nail polish and after putting a clear top coat, let your nails dry for 20 minutes.

Once you bring all these five steps to mind, you will be successful in using your at home acrylic nails kit. You will be glad you have tried this process on your own.

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