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How to Use an Acrylic Nail Machine Drill – 7 Steps on How to Use the Equipment to Increase One’s Income

In every job, you have to think about how to work fast to earn more money. Same is true with acrylic nails. A nail technician can apply acrylic nails faster with the use of a machine drill or electric nail file. She can increase her speed in completing a full set of acrylic nails with the help of an electric nail file. This nail drill cannot only make you work faster in applying the artificial nails but can produce a more realistic-looking nail. Continue reading and learn how to use an acrylic nail machine drill and avoid hurting your clients at the same time increase your income. First, prepare an electric file, bits and a model with acrylic nails.

Use an Acrylic Nail Machine Drill

Use an Acrylic Nail Machine Drill

Step # 1: Set the acrylic nail machine drill.

Following the manufacturer’s directions, attach to the carbide bit to the electric drill. This looks like a round barrel diamond. Set the electric nail file on high speed.

Step # 2: Use it to your model.

Hold your model’s finger firmly with her palm facing down. As you hold the barrel of the electric nail file, be sure to position it perpendicular to the nail. Shorten the tips of the nails by moving the drill from side to side against the free edge of the nails, giving a firm and even pressure until you get the desired length.

Step # 3: Apply smooth acrylic nails.

Use the same round barrel bit and set the electric nail file on a medium speed. Hold the nail of your customer you are working with on to the side so that you can see the contour of the nail.

Step # 4: Begin the smoothening process.

Begin to smooth the free edge of the nail going toward the cuticle then on the surface of the nail from side to side. Keep the file moving but don’t let it stay long in one place to prevent heating up the acrylic product and to prevent touching the client’s skin with the file.

Step # 5: Proceed to the cuticle area.

Before that, change the barrel with a cone-shaped tip and lower the speed. Sand the acrylic with the file until it matches with the nail. Position the tip of the barrel and sand the acrylic around the cuticle area until it levels with the nail plate.

Step # 6: Clean the underside.

Use a small cone shape bit barrel. Hold your client’s fingers with palms facing up. Set the drill to a medium speed and move it from side to side of the surface of the underside of the nail until it becomes smooth.

Step # 7: Consider other tips that may help.

You can use a foot pedal where you can control the speed of the electric nail file to reduce time in changing the speed manually. Nail technicians are advised to change their bits every 2-4 months because a dull bit can slow down working speed.

These are seven tips on how you can use an acrylic nail machine drill. The steps are not as complicated as you think it is. In fact, you can use the device for many purposes including preparing your nails, cleaning the underside and smoothening acrylic nails.


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