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6 Steps on How to Change Yellow Acrylic Nails into Something Better

Everybody wants their nails, both natural and acrylic, to be looking good as part of their good grooming. They don’t even want their acrylic nails to become yellow and discolored. The reason why acrylic nails become yellow is that there is air between the acrylic nail and the natural nail bed, because of the use of dark polish and staining substances. Anyway, you can bring back your acrylic nails to its original appearance through the use of a yellow-reducing nail polish which is available at the local drug stores. Here’s how to change yellow acrylic nails into something better than usual.

Change Yellow Acrylic Nails into Something Better

Change Yellow Acrylic Nails into Something Better

Step 1: Prepare

You will need De-yellow nail polish, non-acetone nail polish remover and nail glue. Use a non-acetone nail polish remover to remove remaining nail polish on nails. Acetone will break down acrylic and can remove nails completely. The acrylic nails should be completely clean from previous nail polish before you apply the de-yellowing polish.

Step 2: Check Acrylic Nails

You should check each acrylic nail to be sure that they are still intact with the nail bed. You must see to it that there is no air circulation under acrylic nails that are lifting from the nail bed because this can cause yellowing of the acrylic nails. If there are any, you must remove the acrylic nail completely and then apply the de-yellow nail polish to the nail bed. When the nail bed is already free from yellowing, you can now reapply a fresh acrylic nail. Put glue on nails that are beginning to lift, but not yet yellow so as to prevent fungus or yellowing of the nail bed.

Step 3: Dry Nails Completely

Let the nail dry completely before applying the de-yellow nail polish. Although most directions are standard, some polishes have individual warnings and precautions therefore you must read and follow the manufacturer’s directions.

Step 4: Apply the De-yellow Nail Polish

You can apply now the yellow-reducing coat directly on the acrylic nail. Let the polish dry thoroughly before applying the second coat. You can hold nails near a cool air vent to help speed the drying process.

Step 5: Paint Nails after 1-2 Days

You can pant nails again after 1-2 days. Do not paint nails with a dark pigment nail polish for 7 days after using the de-yellow nail polish.

Step 6: Maintenance

Do not use the de-yellow nail polish as a top coat to your manicure. Use pale colored nail polish to paint over the de-yellow nail polish until your nails become clear. There are some sunscreens that can turn acrylic nails into yellow so you must wipe sunscreen from nails after the application. You must also wear gloves when applying self-tanner to your body because the latter can result to yellow acrylic nails.

Acrylic nails, when they turn yellow, are uninviting to look at. Therefore you have to change them to something better before worse turns to worst. Prepare your nails before painting them all over again after a day or two.

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